Admissions and Observations

Welcome backstage friends, and to the world of what goes on behind Whole30.  If you recall, yesterday I posted that I had lost inches and weight.  If you’re wondering if I leapt out of bed and ran for the measuring tape, I can put your mind at ease.


After weeks of struggling with not picking up the measuring tape, to the point I had to stick it in the bottom of a drawer, I suddenly had a bad case of cold feet.  It started the night before and all I could think about that morning was what if I hadn’t lost any inches?  I would be crushed.  How could I tell you how devastating it was to me after I had assured you I had this?


Now that the time was finally here, in the words of the great literary character, Garfield, it was a big fat hairy deal.  I hadn’t realized until then how much I wanted this.  I had to measure three times to get an accurate measurement.  It was only a couple of inches but they were definitely gone.

I did some math and figured out, if I maintain losing at this rate, how long it will take me to hit ‘normal.’  At first it was depressing.  It will take months – with an s – to get there.  I know that the longer it takes, the harder it’s going to get.

But then I realized something.

I’m imagining the journey from where I am now.  When I get to the point I seem to be standing still and have to work harder, I won’t be the me I am now.  I will be stronger.  And I will be able to face the challenge because of where I came from and where I’m headed for.

And that is praiseworthy.

If you’ve been reading the blog for long you know that I’ve had a time adjusting to flavored waters.  It is an acquired taste and I wasn’t acquiring it.  I sort of made peace with drinking it but didn’t enjoy it.  Not so anymore.

La Croix coconut is a favorite.  Bubly lemon and orange are also top priorities.  In the beginning, they all tasted pretty much alike to me.  Bad.  But not only do I detect the different flavors, I find that there is almost a sweetness to them.


The La Croix peach-pear still tastes like fizzy pear juice to me.  Try as I may, I just don’t find any peach in them.  And, to me, the strawberry in the Bubly brand is hard to find.  It’s sister’s favorite of all.

What about you?  Are you a fan of the flavored waters?  Did you like them immediately or have to work on it?

And if you’re facing something in the future, far or near, I pray that you find the strength to face it.

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