An Aha Moment

Well, it’s finally happened.  Hunger. 

There could be a few reasons for this.  The book explains it as your body shifting from using the sugar you’ve been feeding it for energy to using the stored-up fat you have for energy. 

Or.  It could be thirst.  Sometimes you think you’re hungry when you’re actually thirsty.  So they say.  I know hunger and I know thirst.  They don’t feel alike to me.  Nevertheless, I make it a point to stay hydrated.

Or.  It could be skipping a meal.  It’s happened two days in a row and I think I might be onto something here. 

The past couple of nights I’ve stayed up too late, meaning I slept too late in the morning. It was too close to lunch to eat breakfast, so I had an early lunch.  By evening I was hungry.  Really hungry. 

However, on the days that I ate breakfast, lunch and supper I stayed satisfied all day long.  Sometimes I was a little hungry at mealtime but for the most part I wasn’t. 

What I’m getting at is not just that skipping a meal will make you hungry, of course it will.  I’m saying that keeping my body nourished with regular meals at regular times kept my ‘levels’ steady.  No ups and downs.  No fluctuating hunger.

So, in retraining my brain it needs to learn to think in terms of balance.  Don’t skip a meal because it upsets the order.  And if you do, don’t think you’re going to make up for it at the next meal.  It throws everything off.

That’s simple. 

That’s basic food knowledge. 

That’s an eye opener.

What did I do to satisfy the hunger?  I ate a few raw cashews.  I drank a flavored water.  I found an activity to keep me busy and take my mind off of it.

I’m coming around to a new way of thinking.  I used to think that if you were on a diet you were supposed to be hungry.  Well, this isn’t a diet, it’s a meal plan, a lifestyle change.  I now understand the difference of feeling hungry on a diet and feeling nourished following this program.

I anticipate that this little spurt of hunger won’t be the last.  I also expect to experience spurts of new energy levels sooner or later.  We’ve had it easy up until now.  This isn’t hard – just an observation.  Every day is going to be different and every day is an opportunity to learn something new.

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