And, We’re Off

I was able to find some excellent resources for Lent online: a devotional guide from Baylor University, a blog from St. Peter’s Anglican Cathedral and a list of Bible readings in the Psalms.  The first reading was Psalm 51, A Prayer of Repentance.  Such a good way to start off the first day.

We’re a few days into Whole30 now and determined to stick to the rules.  A great many of our conversations contain the phrase “…the book says…”  We don’t think we’re going to have any issues with what the book refers to as the ‘hangover’ phase.  We had cleaned up our eating quite a bit before we began so if there was any ‘withdrawal’ it was minimal.  We’re both feeling great and looking forward to the good food we’ll be eating. 

One thing that is immediately obvious is that having a dedicated food plan is key.

I still have reservations about the plan.  One thing I simply cannot abide by are the fats – fats like lard and tallow and duck fat.  I don’t think so.  Did you know there actually is such a thing as bison tallow?  No thank you. We’re going to use olive and avocado oils and ghee. 

Grocery shopping occurs more frequently.  Where we used to average a shopping trip once every couple of weeks, now we’re going at least twice a week.  The more often we go the less of a chore it becomes.   It’s putting that food plan into action.  We’ve learned that buying a bulk of fresh produce leaves you wide open to spoilage and racing to use it up before it goes bad.  I am specifically learning to resist the temptation to stock up in one trip.  Which means that I will have to come up with creative ways to use up those gorgeous blueberries I just bought. 

On day one sister had an appointment out of town and we faced the challenge of eating out right off the bat.  It went really well.  After carefully weighing our dining options we chose Cracker Barrel for the grilled pork chop and steamed broccoli.  I added a plain baked potato and sister opted for a plain baked sweet potato.  Our server was slightly taken aback when we declined butters, breads and sauces.  For a southern girl to turn down biscuits and butter – it was surprisingly not difficult.

After lunch we set out for the real highlight of the trip:  Lucky’s Market.  Avocados were three for a dollar and I couldn’t wait to get there.  As food markets are known for, everything was so pretty.  Label reading our way up and down the aisles took the better part of the afternoon. It resembled more of an Easter egg hunt than it did a grocery shopping expedition.  They had almost everything sister had on her list and she was able to stock the pantry and fridge with several staples.  We couldn’t find vanilla beans, but we were able to score noncured sugar free bacon.  We were also tickled to find Larabars (so Whole30) and got a small sampling.

In addition to all the new foods that have been introduced into the kitchen we have a few new toys to play with.  We’ve got a nice set of graduated tongs, a garlic press that totally rocks and the cutest mini griddle to make ‘buns’ with.  Ya’ll, that little griddle is just so stinkin’ cute!  It’s hardly bigger than a minute.

Is there anything new in your pantry or kitchen?



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