Focus Forward

Hello, friend.  Sister and I have had such fun during our Whole30 experience.  Trying new recipes and new foods.  Documenting how pretty food can be on Instagram.  Keeping this blog for us, and for you, as we chart our progress.

I shared with you how I had almost reached the ‘Good enough for me’ reaction.  It was a warning for me to stay alert.  But there is a time during Whole30 when ‘good enough’ is perfectly acceptable.  If you are dealing with stress and all you can manage is “a grass fed hotdog on a paper plate” you are completely within compliance.

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The Morning After

Since you’re all access backstage pass is still in use, here’s what’s going on right now.  It’s early, early morning.  There was a storm last night so the air is cool and fresh.  And this little bird sat on my windowsill at 4:30 chirping its little heart out.  Loudly.  For a long time.

As a matter of fact, it’s still chirping.  Loudly.  Finally getting other birds to respond.  It’s amazing that of all the birdsong I can still identify that one little bird as it has moved around to various locations, waking up other birds.  (It sounds like some of them are telling it it’s not daylight yet.)

Is it lost?  Did the storm blow it into unfamiliar surroundings?  I said a little prayer for it.  God knows when a sparrow falls.  He surely knows what was up with that little bird.

What was so unusual about it was the length of time spent on the windowsill.  It would move to nearby locations but came back to the window a couple of times.  Another neat thing is that as each bird has responded I can pick out the individual birdsongs, even with them all singing together.

There’s a lesson in there somewhere.

My take on it is that from all the prayers and praises going up God hears individual voices.  Just as I listened for little bird in all the birdsong he listens to hear my voice.  What a gift.  I had a very blessed time in morning prayer.

Fast forward a few hours.  Little bird is still spreading its joy.  I fell back asleep and dreamed I ate a luncheon meat sandwich.  On white bread.  I woke up stiff and achy.  Oy!  I know for sure I don’t want one of those!

What does that have to do with Whole30?  Nothing.  It’s just what’s going on on the backside.

I’ve been thinking about the chia seeds.  Thinking, not obsessing.  I regret that it means I didn’t have a ‘clean’ reintroduction but in the overall picture I’m not beating myself up over it.  In fact, it’s a perfect illustration of what I read in the food freedom book.

Yesterday, when I was so flustered, I almost quoted the book to myself.  “Good enough for me.”  That’s an actual reaction that can lead to  (excuse my French) “What the hell,”  slang for a legitimate psychological reaction known as counter-regulatory eating.  If you make a slip you’ve blown it and may as well go out big.

Both reactions are indications that you’ve become too relaxed, too lenient in your approach to Whole30.  I do thank heaven that when I started to feel the “Good enough for me” quote starting to bubble up I immediately recognized the reaction and understood where such thoughts could lead.

Again, I’ve absorbed more from the book than I thought I had.  It very specifically spells out each reaction, what they mean, where they can lead.  Yes, I once would have thought I’d blown it and given up.  Now, I know that it was a learning experience and move on.  Yes, I could have considered it “Good enough for me” and continued to deviate in subtle ways until I was completely off plan and had no idea how I got there.

In my situation, unwittingly adding a noncompliant ingredient, the shock of discovering it was noncompliant, almost ending up with “Good enough for me” I can see two things clearly.

#1) I didn’t deliberately choose to eat something I knew was noncompliant.

#2) I didn’t check beforehand to see that chia seeds, a new food, were actually permitted on Whole30.

And, I can admit, that if I had found out they were technically acceptable I would have made the pudding anyway because I was so intrigued.  I can accept that I made a mistake, technical or not.  And I can see the importance of remaining mindful to the plan.

Therefore, I did deliberately choose to eat something noncompliant, technical or not, unaware or not.  

Again, there are two things to take away.

#1) The rules are there for a reason.  In order to be successful you need to follow them.  At all times.  I will remember the importance of staying alert because I’ve had the experience of slipping.

#2) It’s a perfect parallel of how easily Satan can trip you up.  To be just as vigilant about what goes in your heart as about what goes in your mouth.  To be able to respond with truth from the Book as easily as from the book.

Maybe little bird was telling me to “Hear My voice.”


Say What?

Hey, friend.  I am so bummed right now.  Thank heaven that we finished our Whole30.  Although we are not technically done, we have completed our 40 days and are well into the reintroduction period.  We’ve done super great, had fantastic results, and have adapted to the lifestyle without much ado.


Keep in mind that any deviation from the black and white rules throw me into a tailspin.  And my tail is spinning!

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On the Other Hand


Hey, y’all.  If you’ve been keeping up with the blog it’s apparent that I’ve turned into something of a Whole30 evangelist.  I’ll admit that.  And, in a parallel world, you can apply some of the principles found in Whole30 to your spiritual life.

I know that each of you are reading this for different reasons.  Some are like me; you’ve been through your Whole30 and you’re interested in someone else’s experience with the plan.  Some of you found yourself here through Instagram.   Some of you are thinking about starting your own Whole30.  Some of you, whether you know us or not, are here with each and every blog as a sign of your moral support for our journey.

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Something Different

Ever get a song stuck in your head?  I’ve been singing along to it off and on for the past few days.  “Ch-ch-ch-chia.”  No, I’m not remembering the theme song from the old chia pet commercials.  I’ve been watching videos of making chia seed pudding and some of the ladies who make videos have been singing it.


Even though every lady sings the same song, each one makes hers differently.  I think that 90% of them use some sort of added sweetener – mostly maple syrup – in their recipes.  At long last, after days of searching, I did discover a few no added sweetener versions by ladies who said fruit is sweet enough and it didn’t need added sweetener.  I found my people!

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On Second Thought . . .

Hello, friend.  I hope you had an awesomely blessed Easter.  We maintained our Whole30 reintroduction phase almost without a hitch.  Sister forgot to eat her oats but isn’t too shaken up about it.  I did well with morning oatmeal.  No cravings or hunger.


The food freedom book has arrived and I’m a little over half of the way through it already.  There’s a lot of good information on forming and breaking habits.  Also, a good review of the Whole30 reset and evaluation phase.


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Hello, Corn

If you are new to the blog my sister and I have completed a Whole40 for Lent and are in the reintroduction phase of the plan.  During this time period you’re granted an all access pass to the backstage life of Whole30.  This is our first Whole30 experience and we loved it.

The first food we reintroduced was fordhook lima beans from the legume/pea/bean food group.  No problems for either of us.  No hunger or cravings and no indigestion for sister which was a big step for her.

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A Little of This and That

Hey, y’all.  It’s day 44 of our journey on Whole30 and we’ll be reintroducing corn.  Since corn is a starchy, sweet -?- what would you call it?  It’s given its own food group.  Doesn’t it qualify as a vegetable?  We’ve always known it as a vegetable.  But, when it is dry, such as for feed, is it a grain?  But, also when it is dry, it is used as a seed to grow a – vegetable – unless it’s being grown for feed?



I asked the internet.

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Fruity Pecan Chicken Salad

What do you do after all day in the kitchen?  Supposedly, you rest.  Especially if you announce you’re done for the day and you’re going to rest.  Sister walked 4 miles this morning, went to the grocery store and is back in the kitchen.  The only extra calories I burned up today were between my ears, trying to figure out a cryptic message from Amazon.  Bottom line, my food freedom book didn’t come in the day’s mail.

At the grocery store sister picked up a large bag of potatoes.  Before I could say “We don’t need potatoes,” she told me to hold them for a minute.  “That’s how much weight you lost,” she said.  “It puts it into perspective.
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Don’t Hold the Mayo

Little did I realize when sister suggested Whole30 that we’d be adopting a new lifestyle.  I thought we’d do this for 30 days and it would be over.  Au contraire mon amie.  We’d be card carrying members if there were cards to carry.

Your all access pass is taking you into the kitchen.  We’ve prepared food for the next few days and you get an up close and personal look into what goes on.

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