Admissions and Observations

Welcome backstage friends, and to the world of what goes on behind Whole30.  If you recall, yesterday I posted that I had lost inches and weight.  If you’re wondering if I leapt out of bed and ran for the measuring tape, I can put your mind at ease.


After weeks of struggling with not picking up the measuring tape, to the point I had to stick it in the bottom of a drawer, I suddenly had a bad case of cold feet.  It started the night before and all I could think about that morning was what if I hadn’t lost any inches?  I would be crushed.  How could I tell you how devastating it was to me after I had assured you I had this?

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Welcome to day forty-one of our food journey.  And welcome to the backstage area of our life.  Today we start the reintroduction phase of ‘banned’ food groups.  That means there are some fordhook lima beans in my immediate future.  I haven’t missed them, or craved them, but I do love them and I’m looking forward to having some.

Today was finally our follow up visit to the doctor.  We deliberately scheduled our appointments to coincide with the end of our Whole40.  Our thought was that our ‘numbers’ would be greatly improved.  These numbers are different than the numbers on the scale, which I add thankfully, that for me that particular number went down 9.4 pounds from the beginning of Lent.  Continue reading “Numbers”

Final Forty

Today is the end of Lent and the last day of our Whole30 + 10.  My, but it got here in a hurry.

Earlier this week sister greeted me with “Guess what I saw in the mirror this morning?”  Pondering over whether my skin looks clearer – and I believe it does – I responded, “A zit?”  “No!  I saw my waist.  I have curves!”


I do, too.

Mine just go the other way.

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Whole30 + 10, Day 39

People are funny creatures.  When I turned 50 my ‘midlife crisis’ was to become vegan.  I maintained that lifestyle for four years.  Doing Whole30 reminds me a lot of those days.  Avoiding dairy and sugar certainly bring back memories.  I liked the adventure of it.  I enjoyed the challenge of finding foods and recipes that were vegan. It literally took me to new places and I learned how to order differently in restaurants. 

The thing was, I was enjoying myself but the people around me were freaking out.  I can’t count the number of times I was asked about protein.  But I remember one incident so clearly.  A woman very militantly demanded to know where I was getting my protein from.  It wasn’t a casual inquiry.  It was an in-your-face moment.  It caused me to wonder why no one questioned my protein levels when I was existing on Cheetos and Pepsi. Continue reading “Whole30 + 10, Day 39”


In the Lenten devotional guide, there is a reading about the loaves and fishes.  But the focus isn’t on the miracle of the multiplied food.  It focuses instead on what was going on that day.  Jesus taught the crowd, he healed those who needed healing, they were hungry and he fed them.  He took care of their spiritual needs, their health needs and their physical needs.  In essence it was saying that Jesus cared for them wholly.

That’s one thing I particularly like about Whole30: it’s holistic-like approach.  It takes into account body, mind, spirit, emotions and social environment.  And for those people who fear taking communion because the wafer and wine are not compliant, no worries – Whole30 does not trump spiritual belief. Continue reading “Perspective”

Thursday Thoughts

Self-image can be a controlling drug.  There was I time in my life when I believed the larger I was the more invisible I became.  The fact was, that was partly true.  In the intro to the old ‘Rhoda’ show she said food was the first thing she ever liked that liked her back.  Been there.

The thought that just occurred to me is that food got me into this shape I’m in and food is going to get me out of it.  Isn’t that wild?  Unlike other addicts, food addicts have to eat.  For some of us if you tell us we can’t have something it only makes us want it more.  Whole30 doesn’t focus on the can’ts, it focuses on the cans.  I can but I choose not to.

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Time Will Tell

Now that the end of our first Whole30 is coming to an end, sister and I are concerned about how we should be eating afterward.  If we choose to stay on the plan it’s a no brainer.  You should have seen us in the kitchen shredding sweet potatoes like pros.  Both of us are not wanting to go back to the way we used to eat because we fear we’ll wind up where we were.  We haven’t come this far just to be here.

I know that Whole30 isn’t a weight loss plan – it’s a temporary eating plan to reset how your body reacts to certain foods.  Weight loss is not the intent of the plan, it is a byproduct of the plan, not a guarantee.  I’ve been watching videos of women who have completed Whole30 and their weight loss varied from 2 to 7 pounds. The problem with these women was they were also young and thin.  People like me don’t make videos.

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Whole30 Milestone

If you’ve been reading the blog for long you know that my sister and I are doing Whole30 and I’m hung up on physical signs of progress.  If not, let me explain:  my sister and I are doing Whole30 and I’m hung up on physical signs of progress.  Now that you’re all caught up here’s where we are now:  today is our 30th day of the Whole30 eating plan.

Since we’re doing this for Lent we’ve got 10 days to go.  Am I where I want to be?  No.  Will I be there in 10 more days?  No.  Am I where I used to be?  No.  Am I where I’m going to be?  No.  I am 30 days closer to being where I want to be.  In 10 days I’ll be 40 days closer and that’s called progress.  As for physical evidence of change, the mirror cannot reflect who you are becoming on the inside.  Neither can the scale. Continue reading “Whole30 Milestone”

Looking Back: Week 4

If this is Wednesday, and it is, then this must be the start of week 5.  Seriously?  It doesn’t seem like it’s possible that we’ve been on Whole30 for an entire month.  But we have.  I checked the calendar.  Twice.

Week 4 has been ‘interesting’ to say the least.  It was in week 4 that I felt like my wheels were spinning.  I wasn’t feeling as upbeat about . . . well, anything.  Sister has complained about feeling tired all the time.  Is it her fibromyalgia or is her reset kicking in? Continue reading “Looking Back: Week 4”

Sweet Potato Buns 4 Ways

One recipe that sister has been wanting to make since we started Whole30 is sweet potato buns.  Let me tell y’all up front that they are labor intensive and about halfway in we were skeptical that they were going to be worth the trouble.  Sister said the name of this blog should have been “Playing in the Kitchen” because that’s what it felt like a good part of the time.

It isn’t a complicated recipe.  There are only three ingredients.  We got to use our cute little griddle but we only used if for half of the buns as you’ll see.

The first step was to peel and shred the sweet potatoes.  The recipe required two large ones.  That was one apiece.

So, I peeled and  we shredded.

And then we shredded some more.

We might have gotten away quicker and cleaner with the food processor but would we have laughed as much?  

Four cups of shredded sweet potato later it was time to add the next ingredients.  Two eggs and 1/4 tsp sea salt.  Mix it all up together and that’s it.  Simple, huh?


That’s ALL?  Just sweet potatoes, salt and EGGS?  I don’t do eggs.  Eggs go in things like brownies and cake and cornbread.  I looked at the eggy mixture, unhappily envisioning white bits of cooked egg all through the sweet potato shreds.

Sister assured me they would not taste like eggs.  How could she be sure of that?  She’d never had them before either.

But it was a chance to play with that cute little griddle we bought just for this very purpose.   It was just as precious as it could be, even if it was full of eggy sweet potatoes.  Sister patted out the potatoes, closed the lid and we waited.

And we waited.

And we waited.

Growing impatient, sister came up with a scathingly brilliant idea and brought out her egg molds.

Cooking them on top of the stove took about half the time and cooking them up two at the time halved the time again.

After the first batch cooked, sister added some almond flour to the mixture.  I felt a little better about the situation after that.

Four cups of mixture yielded 4 batches for a total of 8 buns.  Two each with and without almond flour, 4 buns of each batch cooked in the frying pan with the egg molds or cooked in the griddle.

The end result?  They were not my favorite.  They didn’t taste like egg.  Sister was right about that.  I really couldn’t tell the difference between which was cooked which way and which had the flour and which didn’t.

I think it was a great idea but it just wasn’t appealing to my personal taste.  Sister liked it but said she wouldn’t do all of that just for her to eat.

On the other hand, I think a mixture of shredded vegetables might be just the thing.  What do you think?