Changes Underway

I was reading the Whole30 forum about diabetics and learned that eating fruit in the morning can cause hunger during the day.  I’ve been having a small amount of fruit with breakfast every morning.  I’ve also been experiencing a little hunger.  I’m going to try to have my fruit later in the day and see what happens.

I also learned from the forum that we are not the only ones who are doing Whole30 for Lent.  That was pretty neat.

This past week I had a terribly difficult time with the tape measure.  I kept picking it up and putting it down.  The book doesn’t emphasize not to measure like it does not to weigh but it clearly says to measure before and after.  To me, this plainly means not in between.  I’m serious.  It was a real struggle not to cave in.

Sister reports that a particular pair of her jeans are now looser on her.  That’s a visible NSV (non-scale victory) for sure!

My blood sugar level has dropped into the normal range.  I am hoping that at my next doctor appointment I’ll get to lower my meds.  Maybe eliminate one.  Or two.  NSVs:  ching, ching, ching.

Ever since we had the Whole30 Bowl at Chipotle I’ve wanted to make carnitas.  The more I thought about it the more the thought of recreating the dish appealed to me.  And so we did.

It was fun and the from scratch effort was so worth it.  Sister played sous chef and I kept four recipes going at once.  Yes, I got mixed up a time or two but the clarity of mind NSV must have kicked in because the confusion was short-lived.  I did notice a great deal of talking to myself but I tend to do that anyway and the book doesn’t address it.

This week I’ll share recipes for each layer along with any updates in our NSVs.  My recipes are hybrids.  For each one I looked up several recipes, picked out the parts that looked the best to me and created my own.  I hope you enjoy them.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Whole30 bowl it goes like this:

The first layer is lettuce.  Chipotle uses romaine.   I chose to use shredded iceberg.  It’s what I’m used to when eating Mexican food.

The second layer is carnitas.  A chance to pull out my beloved Instant Pot.  Poor thing suffered an operator accident and doesn’t look new anymore.  I think it looks well loved.

The third layer is fajita veggies.  This was something new to cook, too.  Much slicing required.  Such a pretty and colorful dish.

The fourth layer is fresh tomato salsa.  I’ve made this before in the food processor.  I wasn’t happy with the outcome.  Chipotle uses diced tomatoes and that’s what I chose to do this time.  Lots of chopping involved here.

The fifth and final layer is guacamole.  One of my most favorite foods on the entire planet.  I adore avocado and guac is one level up.

Tuesday we’ll talk carnitas, Wednesday is looking back at week two, Thursday will be fajita veggies, Friday it’s fresh tomato salsa and guacamole.  We hope you’ll join us on this leg of the journey.

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