One thing that makes Whole30 enjoyable is the ability to make choices.  The options are endless for foods, recipes and the combination of ingredients.  If you take this and add that instead of the other thing you have an entirely new dish.

What makes Whole30 overwhelming are the choices.  The options are endless and decisions must be made for every step of the way.  From the start date to the end date you have to decide on your meal plan.  You have to decide on what dish you’re going to prepare first.  You have to decide on whether you’re going to go back to the store, even though you went yesterday, if sister uses the ingredients for your recipe.

The need to go back to the store was due to not reading the recipe all the way through and checking ingredients on hand (the book warns about that) and not getting peppers when we went to the store to begin with.

Basically, every situation in life is based on some sort of choice.  Even if it’s your choice not to make a choice it’s going to have a cause and effect reaction.


One bad choice I urge you to not to make is to eat a grape after you brush your teeth.  You will regret it.  It was not a wise decision on my part.  It’s also a good time to avoid a flavored water.


The morning I woke up feeling crummy was a pivotal moment.  I usually wake up in a neutral mood, looking forward to what NSVs (non-scale victories) I’ll experience or whether I’ll learn something new.  This particular morning was just a bummer.  My first thought was that I was experiencing negative effects of Whole30.  My head hurt, my joints ached, I was really hungry and my sinuses were drippy.  Yuck.

I follow a young couple on Instagram.  The wife has cystic fibrosis.  Her name is Mary.  Her lung function is slowly declining and she is often sick yet she makes it a point to choose joy.  In my morning prayers I vowed that whatever the day had brought me I would choose joy.

Then I picked up the iPad to read a Lenten blog I’ve been following.  It was too early in the morning for the blog to be posted but there was a picture of a t-shirt proclaiming: “I will choose to find joy in the journey got has set before me.”  I though that was pretty cool.  God wink.


I took something for the pain, ate breakfast and took a shower.  By the time I had finished catching up in the Whole30 Day by Day book I had forgotten all about the earlier aches and pains.  My mood was back on track.  I had chosen joy and it was good.

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