Final Forty

Today is the end of Lent and the last day of our Whole30 + 10.  My, but it got here in a hurry.

Earlier this week sister greeted me with “Guess what I saw in the mirror this morning?”  Pondering over whether my skin looks clearer – and I believe it does – I responded, “A zit?”  “No!  I saw my waist.  I have curves!”


I do, too.

Mine just go the other way.

Sister lost over 5 pounds.  I have the ‘freedom’ to weigh today but I chose not to.  It’s just how my mind works.  Since you weigh the day before you begin Whole30 it only makes sense to me to weigh the day after it ends.

Weigh and measure.

Inches are more interesting to me than pounds right now.

There’s this one blue shirt that seems to be looser than it was a couple of weeks ago.  Is it really or is it just wishful thinking?  I’ll find out tomorrow for sure.

We have doctor appointments in the morning.  We’ll get the results of our bloodwork.  I hope that our numbers have improved.

A lot.

And that my meds get tweaked.

And that we get the nod of approval and not the stink-eye of despair.

So.  We’ve completed our Whole30 and our Whole40.  What comes next? you may ask.  Thank you for asking.  We’re now into what I look at as the back side of Whole30 – the reintroduction phase.  That means that we will reintroduce one food group every three days for the next two weeks.  First, we start with legumes/beans/peas.

Do you know what that means?


I get to have fordhook lima beans!

Even though the blog has been pretty much an open book, during our reintroduction we’re giving you an ‘all access’ pass to the ‘backstage’ life of our journey.  Like it’s some big rock concert and we’re rock stars and YOU get the inside scoop.  Won’t that be fun!

You’ll be privy to all sorts of exciting information like the following:

Actual conversation:

Me – I get to have fordhook lima beans.

Sis – I don’t know if I can eat fordhook limas.

Me – You don’t have to eat fordhooks.   You can reintroduce the legume of your choice.

Sis – All we have is fordhooks.

After two days we’ll reintroduce nongluten grain, aka oatmeal.  Two days after that, corn.  Can you hear the grits calling?  Oh, yeah.  Then comes dairy where we’ll switch from ghee to butter and after two more days gluten grains, perhaps pasta.  The two days in between each reintroduction are for returning to Whole30-compliant foods and evaluating what sort of reaction, if any, you have to that particular food group.

Did you notice that there is no reintroduction of sugar?  We don’t miss it and weren’t planning on reintroducing it anyway.  But, I checked the Whole30 forum to see what it had to say.  Mostly, it was questions about “why” and comments on “why not” sugar was not specifically covered in the reintroduction process.

Some responses were about why would you reintroduce it when you worked hard to get off of it.  Others suggested that if you do reintroduce it, choose a sweetener as natural and unprocessed as possible, such as honey.  I agree that, for a subject that has been otherwise covered so thoroughly, it’s odd sugar isn’t addressed at all in the reintroduction phase.  Perhaps the assumption is that it isn’t to be reintroduced and was deliberately omitted.  For a book that is so oriented to detail it is surprising that it isn’t mentioned.



It could be the answer lies in the next book in the series, the one that covers ‘food freedom.’ One thing I didn’t like about the Whole30 book was its many referrals to other books in the series.  It was a little too frequent for my taste.  No.  I didn’t go back and read the first book and no, I didn’t order the cookbooks.  The book about food freedom should arrive sometime this week.

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