Introducing a New Food

We are getting so daring.  We stared down those plantains and asked ourselves (and each other) should we, or shouldn’t we?  We walked away from them.  We came back and asked again.  Sister picked through them wondering which one was a ‘good’ one.  I didn’t know.  I’ve never bought a plantain before.  Once upon a time, a long time ago, I had a bad experience with the  banana-looking non-banana tasting fruit and have left it alone ever since.  We’d both seen a recipe for cooking plantains.  Summoning up a lot of moxie we got one.
All the while I was thinking of the recipe I’d seen.  All the while sister was thinking of the recipe she’d seen.  We found out they were not the same recipe when sister started to peel our plantain.  She was all in to slice them into chips and bake them.  I was all in to fry them in ghee.  It was her call.   She was going to bake them but her recipe called for avocado oil and all we had was olive oil.

Remember the mayonnaise we made?  It was magical but it was also overwhelmingly strong.  We used the oil we had on hand – extra virgin – instead of light olive oil.  Sister liked it but it was just too pungent for my taste.  If we used olive oil instead of avocado oil would the flavor overpower the plantain?  We’re still learning our oils and didn’t have an answer.  We decided to fry them in ghee.

We were surprised by how hard the plantain was to peel.  Sister wanted to know what the difference in a plantain and a banana was – it looked like a banana.  (Yeah, it did once upon a time a long time ago, too.)  I didn’t know but somewhere in the back of my mind I thought kind of starchy like a potato.  She said the residue on the knife she was using was kind of like potato.

Oh, the kitchen smelled so gooood.  The plantain fried up in just a few minutes.  Our one plantain made two batches – one apiece, which we split at supper.  Of course, we tasted a few pieces, hot off the stove, sprinkled with salt.  They were so yummy.  If you’ve never tasted one they have a unique flavor and texture.  They’re slightly firm and have a mildly sweet flavor.  It reminded me of a distant cousin of a sweet potato instead of a relative to a banana.

It was the perfect accompaniment to our supper – leftover roasted broccoli and potatoes with cauliflower and chicken veggie patties.

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