Looking Back: Week 2

I think that the way Whole30 is working for us is similar to a computer – there’s a lot going on in the background that you just don’t see.  Do we ‘see’ evidence that change is taking place?  Not necessarily.  Do we know that change is taking place?  Oh, yeah.  Things may appear to be the same in the mirror but physiologically things are shakin’. 

Here are some of our observations from week two:

Satiation.  We are not having hunger fluctuation.  We stay satisfied for longer periods between meals and when hunger does come it’s nearly always near mealtime.

Taste.  I know I’m repeating myself here but how good food tastes is incredible.  A simple strawberry set me back in my chair with my eyes closed.  It was that good. 

Smaller bites.  Instead of scarfing food down I’m trying to take smaller bites and to savor the flavors.  It takes twenty minutes for your brain to know your stomach is full.  I’m trying to take smaller bites, eat slower and let my brain catch up.

Be aware. You eat with your eyes first.  Whole30 uses a lot of fresh produce and fresh produce is so pretty.  Get out your nice dishes and set an attractive plate.  Then, eat slowly taking care to notice how the flavors meld together so perfectly.  Does it sound like I have a relationship with my food?  I do, and you do, too.

Prep and planning.  One of sister’s favorite phrases is mise en place.  In its broadest sense it means someone who knows how to be well prepared.  Prep and planning aren’t something that just happen the first week.  The approach to Whole30 has to be deliberate and proactive.  Meal plans, menus, shopping, prep and cooking work best when it’s all laid out in an orderly fashion.  That’s a big observation from one who’s somewhat haphazard. 

Time.  Repeating myself again here.  But.  We had a friend over for lunch one day.  At some point in the conversation she will always ask what we’ve been working on.  It’s the cue for sister to pull out some of her crafting and I to pull out my knitting or crocheting.  This time when she asked, we both responded “Whole30.”  It’s what we do people.  

Dreams.  The Whole30 Day by Day book states that dreaming about food is not unusual.  It goes on to give examples of dreaming of gorging on a lot of no-nos.  I don’t dream that way.  I dream that I’ve slipped up and eaten something noncompliant like dairy or a pack of crackers and nearly wake up in a panic.  To me it’s an indication of how lax my attitude toward food had become.  To eat something without even noticing what it is…  Again, be aware.

What hasn’t changed?  I still don’t have a love for the flavored waters.  I can now drink them without making a face – most of the time.  It is an acquired taste that I have not acquired.  It’s just that they look so good on the shelf – grapefruit, pineapple strawberry, blackberry cucumber – like they would be brimming with wholesome tastiness.  I just don’t enjoy them.  They have a strong floral taste to me that I can’t get used to.  With a couple of exceptions:  I have found that a lemon juiced into a lemon Bubly or a lime squeezed into a La Croix cherry lime make a huge difference.

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