Looking Back: Week 3

At the end of week 3 we are over the halfway point of our Whole30 journey.  We’re not only past the halfway mark of 30 days, we’re halfway past the 40 days of Lent.  We’re feeling good, eating good food and not craving anything.  We stay satisfied between meals, we’re not always wanting ‘something,’ and we’re not missing anything we gave up. 


Okay.  I once felt sad when walking by the dairy case at the grocery store but only while the milk was in sight.  I haven’t missed it at all.

The most surprising thing about our journey is that it has been so manageable.  I still think so much of that has to do with attitude.  We survived Hurricane Michael.  We lived for 21 days without electricity during some of the hottest days October has ever known.  We can certainly deal with giving up potential inflammation triggers for 40 days.

Sister is relishing her role as executive chef.  She’s forever looking up new recipes.  She has really enjoyed cooking new dishes and eating new foods.  She will also tell you that everything tastes amazingly good.   Real food tastes real good.

The newness is beginning to wear off.  It’s becoming more familiar than exciting.  It’s now simply something that we do. We are still very much enjoying the whole process.  Even the multiple trips to the grocery store.  Frequent trips and buying ingredients for only a couple of meals at a time is an adjustment.

We’re finally starting to spend less on our shopping trips.  Whole30 is expensive at first because you’re stocking your pantry with compliant staples.  We also read labels faster than we did in the beginning.  It’s second nature to pick up an item and flip it around to the ingredient list.

Sister says that her jeans are looser but she hasn’t felt any different than she did in the beginning.  She suffers from fibromyalgia and hasn’t had any relief from tiredness or pain.  Yet.  We’re only halfway.

Looking back, I realize that I do feel better than I did three weeks ago.  It’s been gradual but steady progress. I think this has been my first noticeably transitional week.  There were ups – like my blood sugar staying down and getting back in my jeans.  There were downs – like my blood sugar dropping too low, seeing nothing different in the mirror and some minor digestive issues.

As far as not seeing change, the coolest thing happened.  I was pondering on why I wasn’t seeing change while scrolling through my Instagram feed.  The last picture was a Bible verse simply stating “For we live by faith, not by sight.”  2 Corinthians 5:7 

God wink.

So I’m not going to worry about the mirror any more. 



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