Welcome to day forty-one of our food journey.  And welcome to the backstage area of our life.  Today we start the reintroduction phase of ‘banned’ food groups.  That means there are some fordhook lima beans in my immediate future.  I haven’t missed them, or craved them, but I do love them and I’m looking forward to having some.

Today was finally our follow up visit to the doctor.  We deliberately scheduled our appointments to coincide with the end of our Whole40.  Our thought was that our ‘numbers’ would be greatly improved.  These numbers are different than the numbers on the scale, which I add thankfully, that for me that particular number went down 9.4 pounds from the beginning of Lent. 

Sister got a good report.  Me, not so great.  My A1c actually went up!  In retrospect, I shudder to think what it would have been if we hadn’t been on Whole30.  My doctor was super great about it and said we’d only been on our eating plan for a month.  The real test will be at the end of the next quarter.  I’m sticking to my guns and hope to see a marked improvement in July.

And, yes, I got to tweak my meds!  That is a HUGE NSV (non-scale victory).  As my blood sugar stabilizes and my blood pressure stays down I can possibly come off of even more meds.  Hallelujah, praise the Lord, it is shoutin’ time!

I did get the reminder that because of my diabetes I need to restrict my starchy veggies.  That’s a problem I have with the disease – the mechanics of handling it.  Bottom line I have to restrict my lovely fordhooks to half a cup.  (Sigh)


Half a cup is better than NO cup.

We are so excited about our Whole40 success and look forward to our next round.  Until then, we will be maintaining a modified Whole30/paleo diet without adding back sugar and avoiding gluten.  There are some recipes for chia seed pudding (make that ‘pudding’) and overnight oats that contain Greek yogurt I want to try.  Occasionally we will have some nongluten grains and legumes/beans/peas.  These southern girls will be eating black eyed peas come New Year’s Day.

There’s a big event coming up for us soon.  The Anglican cathedral is hosting its annual English Fayre the first Saturday in May where we will join in the celebration of all things English, including a Beatles tribute band and fresh, hot fish and chips in paper cones.  We’ve never had the fish and chips before and this is going to be our year.  We’ll be done with the reintroduction phase of Whole30 that week and are looking forward to a ‘treat’ meal.  But I will be avoiding the bake sale tables this time. 

And the homemade jams and jellies tent. 

Even if the pineapple jalapeno is absolutely awesome.

In the meantime, sister is still researching recipes and trying out new kitchen techniques.  For our celebratory 40th day we had crunchy roasted potatoes, shrimp with asparagus and sliced tomatoes.  Yum.  We finished up the shrimp and asparagus the next day in green salad with lemon juice and grilled onions.  Yum, yum.

One of the fun things about Whole30 was getting our new kitchen gadgets.  That’s something Whole30 even suggests as a nonfood reward – a new ‘toy’ for the kitchen.  Besides our mini griddle, which hasn’t been used that much, our silicon coated tongs, which we use constantly and our restaurant quality garlic press, which also gets a good workout, I am proud as can be of the ‘new’ box grater I got for fifty cents at a yard sale.  We broke it in with plantains.  Bring on the sweet potatoes!  In limited portions, of course.

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