On Second Thought . . .

Hello, friend.  I hope you had an awesomely blessed Easter.  We maintained our Whole30 reintroduction phase almost without a hitch.  Sister forgot to eat her oats but isn’t too shaken up about it.  I did well with morning oatmeal.  No cravings or hunger.


The food freedom book has arrived and I’m a little over half of the way through it already.  There’s a lot of good information on forming and breaking habits.  Also, a good review of the Whole30 reset and evaluation phase.


I paid particular attention to the things you should evaluate after reintroducing a food group since that’s where we are now.  I had been concentrating on cravings, hunger and blood sugar.  In fact, the list provided contains 15 areas to be mindful of after reintroducing a new food group.  Fifteen!

And, after thinking I had done great with corn, I reconsidered my initial evaluation.  No, there were no cravings for sugar, nor did my blood sugar spike or go nuts.  I was hungry because the corn salad was not satiating but the grits, I thought, produced no effect.

In retrospect . . .

Yes, my sleep was impaired because the arthritis in my finger had flared up with a throbbing pain that kept me awake a good deal of the night.  I could have ached elsewhere but it seem like every nerve ending in my body was in that knuckle and all of them were screaming.   Chalk one up for inflammation.

I had no such reaction with oats.  I fell asleep earlier and woke up less often.


It was difficult eating them without sugar or milk.  We have some unsweetened almond/coconut milk I could have used but I didn’t think of it in time.  And, it still wouldn’t have been the same without something sweet.

Perhaps, in the future, I’ll add maple syrup or honey but for the time being I’m sticking as close to the Whole30 rules as possible.  Actually, after the reintroduction phase is over, and we enjoy a treat day at the English Fayre, I’ll most likely start a new Whole30.  Or Whole60.  Or Whole 90.

Did you notice I said treat day and not cheat day?  Directly quoting from the food freedom book “You do not cheat; you make a choice.”  “Sometimes, this decision will be less about the food itself and more about the experience.”  We choose to eat fish and chips during the experience of the English Fayre.  And we will evaluate our reactions over the next two following days.

We made a big tweak to the sloppy joe recipe and it was delicious.  To one red bell pepper, chopped, and one large onion, chopped, we added 3 shredded carrots and one medium shredded zucchini.  There was one problem – we were all but out of catsup.


In a matter of days.

Like it had evaporated.

The big jar of catsup we had made was less than half full.  Improvising, we added a small can of tomato paste and enough water to refill the jar.  All of this was mixed with 2 pounds of browned ground beef.  It was so good I had it for breakfast!

Our reintroduction to dairy comes up in a couple of days.  We don’t really have any dairy products to reintroduce.  Just some butter and some sliced cheese – that isn’t really cheese but processed ‘food.’  The kind that tastes good on white bread with processed deli meats.  Yeah, we don’t do that anymore.

And we’re SO glad!





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