On the Other Hand


Hey, y’all.  If you’ve been keeping up with the blog it’s apparent that I’ve turned into something of a Whole30 evangelist.  I’ll admit that.  And, in a parallel world, you can apply some of the principles found in Whole30 to your spiritual life.

I know that each of you are reading this for different reasons.  Some are like me; you’ve been through your Whole30 and you’re interested in someone else’s experience with the plan.  Some of you found yourself here through Instagram.   Some of you are thinking about starting your own Whole30.  Some of you, whether you know us or not, are here with each and every blog as a sign of your moral support for our journey.

Whatever your reason, your interest is greatly appreciated.  I hope you have found some inspiration along the way.  I found a quote that was very meaningful to me –

I want to inspire people.  I want someone to look at me and say “Because of you I didn’t give up.”

Do you recall when I told you about the people who were following me on Instagram?  The pretty little thin young women?  I’ve hand an influx of followers since then.  Young. Pretty. Thin.  Pretty thin.  There are two in particular that stand out to me.  One started her weight loss journey 40 pounds heavier than I did.  The other one has lost 90 pounds.  I am inspired by them.  It underscores the possibilities to me.  I’m glad to have found them.

Two big areas of Whole30 that are addressed in the Whole30 book are of great importance.  Whole30 is very time consuming and it is very mental.  Sister and I have the advantage of being retired.  Meal planning, frequent trips to the grocery store, prepping, cooking and cleaning up don’t have to be squeezed in between work or social commitments.  Our lives, right now, pretty much revolve around the Whole30 lifestyle.  Our only family obligations are to each other and we’re in this together.

I’ve talked about the mental side before.  But, case in point, it took me several hours to write the blog on chia seed pudding.  Because.  I was wrestling with the decision of whether or not to add a flavored extract to the base recipe.  Whole30 rules are black and white.  It’s a yes or no answer.  Easy decision.


The black and white rule to avoid all alcohol includes using extracts.  Sister and I don’t have a problem with that as we don’t drink.  So what’s a teaspoon of extract going to affect?  Absolutely nothing.  Other than the fact that it’s breaking a rule.

My dilemma?

We don’t 100% follow Whole30.  Did you know that?  Are you shocked?  No need to be.  It’s just that Whole30 allows tallow and lard and duck fat and we choose to use olive and avocado oils instead.  So we’re not including compliant ingredients.  If we don’t follow that rule, should the extract rule be relaxed on and be allowed?

On one hand it seems like total nonsense, it’s no more than a teaspoon.  On the other, it’s breaking the spirit of the reset plan and opening the door to relaxing another rule for something else.  I had to have to have a consultation with sister.  Bottom line, extracts will be allowed AFTER our reintroduction ends and will not be eliminated during our next Whole30 reset since it is such a small quantity and is not used with frequency.

It’s applying food freedom and making deliberate choices.

It sounds so simple.

It really wasn’t.


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