One Week and Counting

When sister said she was going on the Whole30 plan for Lent three thoughts came to mind: We’ve never observed the Lenten season. It’s not been a factor in the churches we’ve attended; it wasn’t a surprise, we’ve been negligent in our eating habits since Hurricane Michael blew through; I should be supportive. And, so, I offered to ‘go with her’ on this journey – albeit with little enthusiasm.

Sister has read up on the subject, planned menus and researched recipes. We’ve both watched countless videos about the plan and the people who have been on it. We’re looking forward to the touted benefits from more energy and sleeping better to allergy relief, better blood chemistry and reduced inflammation. We both need to lose weight – in my case I need to lose a small person.

In what we’ve learned up until now, two of the most emphasized things are that you must plan ahead and set a date. The date was easy. Our start date would be March 6, the first day of Lent. Planning ahead has been just about all we’ve done since the decision to do this was made.

The adventure begins about a week from now. I’m curious, I’m dreading it, I’m excited, I’m apprehensive. To give up sugar, grain and dairy is going to be a tough challenge for a sweet-toothed bread-loving milkaholic. The fact that we’re doing this for Lent will be a positive reinforcement. It also means we’ll be doing this for 40 days so technically we’ll be doing the Whole40.

I came across the most marvelous thing in the past several days. It concerned the body and that it is the Temple of God. I can’t remember where I found it (I’d love to go back and review it), or exactly how it went but the gist of it was comparing asking God for a new heart to a home renovation. He comes in and patches some holes and stops some leaks and such. Then, you start noticing things that weren’t there before – like new wings on the house and landscaping. And He is doing this because He is going to live there.

It is high time to rebuild this temple.

This is going to be a real story, step by step as we navigate into the future. In the videos I’ve seen so far, the people who are posting are mostly younger and thin to begin with. I cannot relate to them.

Yes, the health benefits are paramount but if I’m going to be really real I do want to come off of my diabetes meds and I do want to sleep through the night without interruption. I also want to look in the mirror and see fewer chins. I want to fit into the cute clothes in the hand-me-down box. And for someone who has been overweight most of her life I’d really like some pretty underwear – maybe pink.

I finally came to the conclusion that if I am going to commit to this I am going to commit, and I ordered the books. They came today. The promise of better sleep? Every time I start reading them I fall asleep. Is this going to be a great plan or what?

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