Prep Day No. 2

It’s been a week since the first prep day.  We ate almost all of our meals for the week from sister’s precise planning.

The second prep day was a walk in the park, right?  Uhm, noooo.  One thing the Whole30 book stresses, and repeats, is to read a recipe thoroughly before you make it.

We had a couple of cans of chicken and sister had a recipe for chicken salad she wanted me to try.  I’m world famous in two states for making chicken salad so I was game.  I started reading through the recipe. Screech!


We have yet to find a mayonnaise that’s Whole30 compliant.  Every brand we have found to date contains soy.  Soy isn’t compliant with the plan.  Or as our daddy would have said, it isn’t chicky with the bill.

Sister said we’d have to make our own but she didn’t know where the recipe was.  Oh, there’s one right there in the Whole30 book.  One that involves drizzling oil.  You can’t imagine how intimidating that is to me.  Especially when she produced a lemon from the refrigerator and pronounced it mine.  I squawked I wasn’t making mayonnaise.

While she washed vegetables, I turned to YouTube to find if there was someone making Whole30 mayonnaise.  Success right off the bat thanks to Mark at Sauce Stache.  It involved an immersion blender without a drop of drizzled oil.  We had this!

The first step was letting the egg and lemon come to room temperature.  The second was taking pictures of the ingredients.  This was a milestone for us and we remembered to document it.  Everything was laid out very mise en place.  The third, fourth and fifth steps were waiting for the egg and lemon to come to room temperature.  Finally, we put them in hot water for a few minutes.

At last, it was time to mix everything together.  Literally.  Everything went into a mason jar, no fuss no muss.  The immersion blender was, well, immersed and seconds later there was mayonnaise.  It was like Ta-Da!!!

I went back to the chicken salad recipe to finish reading it.  Screech!

It said to add pecans.  There were no pecans in the ingredients.  There was apple cider vinegar in the ingredient list but it wasn’t in the directions.  Sister quickly made an executive decision and said all the ingredients were there, make it like I wanted to.  So I did.

It turned out fine and made a nice-sized bowl.  Supper was super.

Here’s a shout out to all those who have gone before and were kind enough to post easy understand and easy to follow videos.  Thank you from the bottom of our mayonnaise jar.  It happened just like the video demonstrated.  Next time, and there will be next times, I know I won’t be afraid of the recipe.

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