Say What?

Hey, friend.  I am so bummed right now.  Thank heaven that we finished our Whole30.  Although we are not technically done, we have completed our 40 days and are well into the reintroduction period.  We’ve done super great, had fantastic results, and have adapted to the lifestyle without much ado.


Keep in mind that any deviation from the black and white rules throw me into a tailspin.  And my tail is spinning!

Are you ready for this?

After three days of eating chia seed pudding for breakfast I find out it’s not considered compliant!


Despite the fact that chia seeds are frowned upon, all of the ingredients are technically compliant.


Combining the ingredients into a ‘pudding’ throws it off plan.

Are they serious?

You can bet your sweet bippy they’re serious.

Because it is called ‘pudding’ it is considered as vile as a baked good.

Oh, yes it is.

Expressly forbidden are pancakes made of eggs and bananas.  (Y’all know I wouldn’t eat that concoction.)  But because ‘real’ pancakes are forbidden you aren’t allowed to eat any facsimile of them.  Or pizza crust.  Or muffins.  Or cookies.  You get the picture.

I was just was looking up Whole30 approved thickeners and wound up on the Whole30 forum where they were discussing chia seeds.  I appear to be one of the many who fell into this lot.  There are other Whole30ers who have been eating chia seed breakfasts.

I actually found the recipe by looking for Whole30 approved recipes.

Mmm hmm.

You heard me right.

I was looking for approved foods and followed some misguided folks down the garden path.  I’ll admit once I found the ‘pudding’ and started looking up recipes I didn’t check closely for the Whole30 stamp of approval, I just set the noncompliant recipes aside until our Whole30 is over.


I have one more serving in the refrigerator waiting for tomorrow’s breakfast.  What am I going to do, you wonder.

Let me ‘splain this to you.

Technically, I’m good.

Chia seeds are hydrophilic.  They absorb liquid.  Lots of liquid.  Up to 10 times their weight.  As they absorb the liquid they form a gel.  So right now I have a serving of almond-coconut milk soaked banana flavored gelatinous chia seeds sitting in the refrigerator.

I’m having it for breakfast in the morning.

Bottom line on the forum?  Don’t eat it during the 30 days of the eating plan.  Technically, I didn’t add it until after the 40 days of Lent.  I’ve made my decision and I’m not looking back.  When we do our next reset I will eliminate it.  I will not make any more until our reintroduction is over on the 29th.  I will evaluate how I react to it over the next couple of days.  I will not sweat it.



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