Sweet Potato Buns 4 Ways

One recipe that sister has been wanting to make since we started Whole30 is sweet potato buns.  Let me tell y’all up front that they are labor intensive and about halfway in we were skeptical that they were going to be worth the trouble.  Sister said the name of this blog should have been “Playing in the Kitchen” because that’s what it felt like a good part of the time.

It isn’t a complicated recipe.  There are only three ingredients.  We got to use our cute little griddle but we only used if for half of the buns as you’ll see.

The first step was to peel and shred the sweet potatoes.  The recipe required two large ones.  That was one apiece.

So, I peeled and  we shredded.

And then we shredded some more.

We might have gotten away quicker and cleaner with the food processor but would we have laughed as much?  

Four cups of shredded sweet potato later it was time to add the next ingredients.  Two eggs and 1/4 tsp sea salt.  Mix it all up together and that’s it.  Simple, huh?


That’s ALL?  Just sweet potatoes, salt and EGGS?  I don’t do eggs.  Eggs go in things like brownies and cake and cornbread.  I looked at the eggy mixture, unhappily envisioning white bits of cooked egg all through the sweet potato shreds.

Sister assured me they would not taste like eggs.  How could she be sure of that?  She’d never had them before either.

But it was a chance to play with that cute little griddle we bought just for this very purpose.   It was just as precious as it could be, even if it was full of eggy sweet potatoes.  Sister patted out the potatoes, closed the lid and we waited.

And we waited.

And we waited.

Growing impatient, sister came up with a scathingly brilliant idea and brought out her egg molds.

Cooking them on top of the stove took about half the time and cooking them up two at the time halved the time again.

After the first batch cooked, sister added some almond flour to the mixture.  I felt a little better about the situation after that.

Four cups of mixture yielded 4 batches for a total of 8 buns.  Two each with and without almond flour, 4 buns of each batch cooked in the frying pan with the egg molds or cooked in the griddle.

The end result?  They were not my favorite.  They didn’t taste like egg.  Sister was right about that.  I really couldn’t tell the difference between which was cooked which way and which had the flour and which didn’t.

I think it was a great idea but it just wasn’t appealing to my personal taste.  Sister liked it but said she wouldn’t do all of that just for her to eat.

On the other hand, I think a mixture of shredded vegetables might be just the thing.  What do you think?

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