This One’s for You BB

Prepping and cooking take  up a lot of time on the Whole30 plan.   It goes quicker when you have a sous chef to help you.  On our last cook and prep day I was sister’s sous chef.  I was in charge of mise en place for the recipes sister had picked out.

One recipe had a catchy title, Cabbage Roll in a Bowl, and was super simple to whip up once the prep was finished.

This dish was such a success with a lunch guest I promised I’d put it on the blog.  You can find the entire recipe here:

While sister was browning the ground beef  I was measuring spices, opening cans and dicing onion.  I was mise en placing all over the place.

Tomatoes, tomato paste, onion, spices and coconut aminos were added to the ground beef.  While that cooked I shredded a head of cabbage, using my best chiffonade technique on the outer leaves.

Sister added the cabbage to the ground beef mixture and within minutes it was done.

A bowl of tasty goodness in just a jiffy.  The actual recipe estimates prep time as 5 minutes.  I would guess that that does not include dicing the onion or washing and shredding the cabbage.

It’s a bowl of goodness we’ll have again.

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