Steady as We Go

We’re nearing the end of our first week.  Having a food plan is a big help.  Knowing what each meal will be cuts down on my wanting to eat in between.  That was a surprise to me.  I find I like the orderliness of how everything runs.  Sister is doing a great job of mapping everything out.

So far, sister and I have been blessed by not having cravings, mood swings or hunger between meals.  It may sound like we’re living in the land of rainbows and bluebirds but I’m anticipating there’ll be a rough patch or three as we progress through Whole30.  I did have an afternoon of just could not keep my eyes open and wound up taking a long nap.  I was, however, reading the book so I don’t count that as a reaction.

Whole30 celebrates NSVs – non-scale victories.  Remember, no scales for 30 days.  For positive reinforcement you concentrate on the everyday victories you experience.  Our biggest NSV so far is the way food tastes.  It. Is. Good.  Blueberries have never tasted so fresh or grapes so sunshiny.  Our taste buds are already shifting.

Other NSVs are falling asleep more easily (without reading the book) and sleeping for longer periods.  My walking-the-beat stamina is a little better.  It’s not great by any means – it’s not even good, but there is a little more bounce in my step.

The Whole30 book warns of feeling great one day and lousy the next as your body adjusts to the new way it’s being fed.  I start the day comparing with sister on how we are feeling and reacting. Sister says she feels lighter.  While we’ve not noticed that we’re feeling a whole lot different, my outlook has lifted.  I’m not a glass half full or empty kind of person.  I’m grateful there is a glass and the fact that there is something in it is a bonus.  Because there have been no adverse side effects, I’m waking up anticipating positive change.  

That’s a really big step toward success – positivity.  So much of this is mental and emotional. Maintaining a positive attitude has not been hard.  I think because we anticipated starting the plan for a few weeks before we actually began and maybe because we haven’t hit one of those rough spots yet.  If we do, I hope we don’t turn to complaining but to the reason we started this in the first place. 

As we’re wrapping up our first week we realize we’re in for a long haul.  Perhaps, because we are in this with a ‘failure is not an option’ outlook, it’s going to be a breeze for us.  Perhaps not.  Either way, we feel like we’ve got this.



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