Was that Tiger Blood?

I am still having to remind myself not to step on the scales.  There is an entire section of the book devoted to not getting on the scales and why.  In my head it’s not as loud as the scales calling.  We have doctor appointments in a few weeks.  I promise you, and me, that I won’t look when I weigh in.

Hear that?  La-la-la-la-la!  I’m trying not to.  It’s the tape measure beckoning me from the hiding place I stashed it in.  In reading back through the book, it clearly states not to measure during the Whole30.  Unless you didn’t take your measurements before you started, leave that tape measure alone.

I keep a close eye on the book to make sure we’re following the rules and tracking within the suggested timeline.  It’s not only full of great information it’s full of support and encouragement. 

We are still waiting on the ‘magic’ to happen.


There was this one morning –

I didn’t feel a surge of energy but when I woke up, I was fully awake.  It was early and there was no roll-over-and-go-back-to-sleep sleepiness.  My eyes were open.  My mind was alert.  By the time the school bus (it’s loud and squeaky, we use it to tell time) rolled around I had done my devotional, sorted and put on a load of laundry, eaten breakfast, checked on my Instagram, worked on the blog and updated my food journal.

This was something brand new.  Normally my eye won’t even focus until I’ve been up for a while.  Not this particular morning.  I was full of energy and ready to get something done.

 The feeling stayed with me through 4 loads of laundry and acting as sous chef for sister while she cooked up some of the recipes she’s collected.  I stayed energized and in ‘go’ mode most of the day.

Was this Tiger Blood?  It felt good.

I can assure you I didn’t wake up with a sign of it the next morning.  It wasn’t even kitty-kitty blood.  It wasn’t early.  I did roll over and go back to sleep.  I never heard the school bus screech by.  I wasn’t interested in doing anything.

If the day before had been one of strength and energy, this one was definitely a fat day.  It wasn’t a ‘bad’ day – I didn’t have a midday slump, my outlook was optimistic, I was in a good mood.  But I felt a little let down.

The book says this could happen.  It also says it’s short-lived.  Our bodies are constantly adjusting to the way they’re being nourished and ‘things’ can occur.  They did.  I rebounded quickly, ready for a new day.


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