Week Two, Here We Come

Is it week two already?  I truly thought week one was going to be harder.  We’re feeling good and y’all – Food.  Tastes.  Amazing.  I can’t emphasize that enough.  It’s like our taste buds have suddenly woken up.

I admit I did have visions of hot steamy macaroni with strings of melted cheese but they were like soap bubbles floating on the wind.  They were pretty but they evaporated quickly.  Funny thing is, I don’t crave macaroni or cheese or anything else.  Sister is also not experiencing cravings.  She says that before Whole30 she was starving all the time and since starting the plan she isn’t hungry at all.  Well, we’re hungry around mealtime but we’re no longer climbing the walls wanting something that’s satisfying.  We were constantly saying we wanted something but didn’t know what it was.

We’re drinking carbonated flavored waters in lieu of anything with sugar.  Even with the waters you have to check the nutrition.  Certain types contain sodium. Sister really likes them, but she has been drinking her tea unsweet for ages.  I am having an adjustment period.  I’d rather just have plain water.  Fizzy flavored water is definitely an acquired taste.  I am, however, crazy about lemon Bubly that has fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice in it.  It’s very refreshing.

The hunt for recipes never ends.  Sister doesn’t want us to burn out on any one thing.  She’s adding to her recipe notebook on a daily basis. She says by switching up a few ingredients the option for recipes is endless.  Moving forward we’ll be trying out plantains fried in ghee; chicken veggie burgers; homemade catsup; carnitas.

Sister loves carnitas.  I don’t remember that I’ve ever had that before.  Recently we tried the Whole30 bowl at Chipotle.  Oh. My. Word.  It was delicious!  So delicious I spent a good deal of the next morning looking up carnitas recipes and watching video tutorials.  I found a wonderful dry rub recipe that goes in the Instant Pot.  It looks like it’s straightforwardly easy.  I like that kind.

Label reading is becoming second nature.  We know that if shopping involves anything besides fresh produce it’s going to take a little longer.  One tip I saw about reading labels said that you should always check the ingredients on products you buy regularly because they are subject to change.  I know that’s so from personal experience.  I was vegan for a time and one manufacturer started adding egg whites to their meatless patties with no warning.

I thought I was over my want to step on the scale, but the thought keeps running randomly through my mind like it’s trying to catch me off guard.  I’m not giving in.  At my latest doctor appointment I had to weigh in.   I did it with my eyes closed, announcing to the nurse I was on Whole30 and not supposed to get on a scale. When I stepped off the nurse was exclaiming for me not to look.  I didn’t look and I appreciated her going along with me.

Thank you for coming along with us on this journey.

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