What Just Happened?

What is this?  We have 3 weeks of Whole30 behind us and everything has been positive.  I wake up on week 4 and the first thing I notice is how bad I feel?  NOW my aches have returned?  NOW my thoughts are scrambled?  NOW I look like I’m smuggling innertubes under my shirt?  Well, actually, I look like that all the time.  But it really bothered me this morning!

What in the world was going on here?  I’ve gotten so used to waking up feeling good this really took the wind out of my sails.  After days of carefully monitoring my blood sugar so it didn’t bottom out, it was high.  My neck hurt, my fingers were stiff . . . about the only thing that didn’t hurt was my hair – which I tried to part with the back side of the comb.  Several times.

Although I did feel better after I ate breakfast, in taking inventory of what had gone awry, hunger was not on the list.  I didn’t actually feel hungry until after I ate breakfast.  Perhaps that was because the thought of how good a muffin would have been to go with it had crossed my mind.  That’s a craving.  Don’t listen to it.  Kill it!  Kill it!

Seriously, though, it made me speculate on whether I felt better because my body needed nourishment or whether I simply felt better because of my emotional attachment to food.  It could have been either.  Or both.

I consulted the book to refresh my brain on what it said about symptoms that return.  I still don’t have a clear picture but it’s only supposed to last a few days.  DAYS?!  No, no, no, no no!

Perhaps this ‘setback’ has shown up for a purpose.  Instead of symptoms creeping up on me slowly like they did originally, I’ve been slammed with all of them at once.  Where I thought there wasn’t any obvious sign of change, perhaps this is to show me just how far I’ve come.  Do you notice the way you feel this morning?  That’s the way you used to feel every morning and you thought it was normal.  Don’t you realize there is a new normal?

Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise.  You went on Whole30 because you wanted a change.  Gradually, change was brought about.  This is a reminder to be aware of feeling good and not to take it for granted.  Perhaps you are too much dependent on what you think should be happening instead of God’s timing.

Funny thing is, the more I write, the less intense the soreness and stiffness are.  I’ve become calmer.  That craving has all but been forgotten.  I don’t have to be happy to choose joy and there is joy in the journey.

Have you had a bad day or days on your journey?  You’re not alone.  If you need a support team we’re here to cheer you on.

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