Taste and See

“The more you taste of My goodness, the less you will crave any temporary temptation.”  This is from my devotional this morning and speaks of the deliverance of God.  As I read the line over and over the closer connected to my Whole30 it became.  The more I taste of fresh fruits and vegetables the less I care about manufactured food.  A simple analogy but strong in faith and dependence on God to bless this journey.

We’re well into week three now.  I was reading back through the book to see where we line up with the Whole30 timeline.  I know my Whole30 isn’t going to look exactly like the book.  My Whole30 doesn’t even look like sister’s Whole30 and we’re doing this together.  We didn’t have the same starting weight, the same metabolism, the same health issues and the same reactions to certain foods.  Your Whole30 experience will be unique to you.

At this point we should be getting past the hardest days – the fog of the food hangover, the tiredness, crankiness, irritability, cravings and second guessing.  We can’t check any of those off because we never had any of them.   

I wish I could tell you that when I look in the mirror, I can see the inches melting off and glowing skin.  I can’t; neither can sister.  We look the same to us.  We haven’t noticed a great shift in the way we feel.  Instead of glowing my skin seems to be on a self-appointed mission to break out.

Am I discouraged?  No.  Impatient is a better description.  We’re not even to the halfway mark yet.  No, I can’t see any changes but they are there.  My blood sugar levels continue to stay in the normal range.  They tend to run high so that’s a biggie.

I no longer bottom out in the middle of the day and need a nap.  I haven’t had a midday slump since we began our Whole30.  Naps used to be the norm. 

Another milestone:  I fit back into my jeans.  After weeks of comfort eating after Hurricane Michael and let’s make goodies and eat them during the holidays, I had grown out of them.  They didn’t meet anymore.  They weren’t even close enough to wave to each other.  It felt wonderful.  I’m hoping that by the time Lent is over they will overlap a little.  We’ve got a few weeks to go.  It’s not impossible.

Reflecting on Lent and how far we’ve come so far on this food journey, it seems poetic to note the parallel of giving something up in order to receive something better.  Even though they aren’t obvious, external changes are being brought about by an internal force both spiritually and physically.  We’ve let go of some unhealthy, even selfish choices, and gained so much more in return.

One thing that I have learned is that the more I find out, the more there is to know. 

We’re not the same as we were a little over two weeks ago.  We won’t be the same at the end of 40 days.

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